CAR Low Frequency Generator

What is CLFG ?
Schumann, Sinus, Square
Inspiring Product
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CAR Low Frequency Generator or in short CLFG is an electromagnetic transmitter which can emits 7.83Hz electomagnetic wave to help CAR audio system sound better, CLFG can emits 7.83Hz frequency in 3 mode, Schumann, Sine and Square, beside that CLFG also equiped with Anti Sleepy magnetic wave which can help driver getting sleepy during long and straight driving,

There are 4 type of Frequency that can be produced by CLFG

1. Schumann 7.83Hz


2. Sinus 7.83Hz


3. Square 7.83Hz

4. Anti Sleepy
Anti Sleepy  

CLFG  is Schumann Resonator capable of producing  Eart Resonance Wave or Schumann Resonance which are similar to those measured by DR. W.O. Schuman in 1952. Most product that claim themselves as Schumann Resonator only able to produce sine of square wave with frequency of 7.83Hz, and even with unstable frequency.
Detail explanation about the difference between Schumann, Sinus and Square 7.83Hz, can be found on the link bellow :

Other interesting feature that available in CLFG  is Anty Sleepy Mode

Between 1993 to 2003 I was working as  a sales engineer who sold industrial measurement product.  In carrying out the work ofter I have to drive alone to industrial park with total distance can be about 300km through straigh and monotonic highway track. So I often experiecne with drowsiness and have to stop for a moment on the road to avoid the danger of accidents due to drowsiness while driving in highway.
When I prepare CLFG design, suddenly such memory came accros my mind and gave me the inspriration to design Anti Sleepy Mode

Human brain is basically producing various type of electromagnetic wave which depend on his/her state of mind. Basically all those human brain frequency can be cathegorized as

1. Delta brain wave
    This wave occured when someone sleep
2. Theta brain wave
    This wave occured when someone sleepy or just wake up from sleep
3. Alpha brain wave
    This brain wave occured when someone awake but relax
4. Beta brain wave
    When this brain wave produce someone must be in serious up to under pressure state of mind

Anti Sleepy mode, works by generating alternately Schumann 7.83Hz which is basically located at Alpha Brain Spectrum, alternate with Beta brain wave, to stimulated driver brain to no reach Delta brain spectrum, or in other word getting sleepy.

Like LFG, CLFG can also be operated by remote control.

Inspiring product
There are two products which inspire me to develope CLFG

1. RR-888 From Acoustic Revive

2. Carmonizer C2 From Stein Music

Example of Installation

Dashboard Installation

Rear Installation

Rear Installation
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Specification of  CLFG
Dimension                   : PxLxT = 12x12x10 cm
Weight                       : App. 500grm
Power Requirement  : DC 14V/Max 100mA
Remote Control        : Available

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