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In this page I want to specifically share the demagnetizing process  some of my favorite CDs album, namely

1. Fourplay , from the HEARTFELT Album and Between The Sheets
2. Mantovani Orchestra from Ablum The Collection
3. Compilation of Mozart song
4. Sara K from the Chesky Collection album
5. Stacy Kent from ablum COLLECTION II
6. Album Best Audiophille Voices IV

After being tested , I concluded that there were similar positive results that were heard.
The positive results that have certainly been heard are the sound from a previously misty CD or it can be said to be less open, then become
more open and detailed, This positive result always occurs on dozens of CDs that I have demag. In addition to the sounds that sound more open,
I often find the sound of an actual musical instrument that is already there but not heard, now it can be heard more clearly,
my friend Mr. N often refers to this event with the better "Micro Detail".
For orchestral music and classics, the positive changes that I hear are the depth of sound / depht which sounds deeper and clearer.

I found when I tested the Sara K CD, when playing certain songs before the CD, I heard that as if Sara K was singing not serious, like singing
while chewing candy.
However, after hearing the voice from Sara K, it was clearer as if singing more seriously, this was the weirdest symptom I found when testing
the CD demag.



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