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Demagnetize 2 way Bookshelf Speaker

In this demag trial I used my 2way bookshelf speaker which uses Visaton G-20 Tweeter and W170SC Midbass
I oftenly  use this speakers to work or enjoy music so  I really understand its sound character.
Among all demagnetization process I have done, speaker demagnetize  is the longest  I have to do, because  each driver require  5 minute demag time until reach noticable improvement. Demagnetizing  a pair of 2way speakers totally takes   20 minutes.
Speaker demagnetizing  is actually done on the voice coil. Because the voice coil is very close to  speaker's magnet, no wonder if voice coil finally will have magnetic property, that can inhibit the flow of electric current from the power amplifier to speaker..
In the following two pictures I did a photo shoot with the probe slightly sideways,  I did this  so that this process is easily visible, but in the actual process the position of the probe must be perpendicular to the conus so that the voice coil that is right behind the conus gets a magnetic field demag which is sufficient to eliminate the magnetic properties that occur because it is too long adjacent to the speaker.
The speaker demag process takes a long time compared to the demag process on other audio equipment objects, because the magnetic field produced by the DEMAGNITIZER probe must fight the magnetic field produced by the speaker magnet, besides that the magnetic field of the probe to reach the voice coil must be able to penetrate the conus and also membrane,
For cones and membranes made of materials such as paper, cardboard or fabric / fabric and also polyproylene, the magnetic field of the probe easily penetrates and enters the voice coil, but if the material is of aluminum, or a metal that rejects the magnetic field the demagnetization process cannot be carried out.

The first process I did was on the tweeter and then I continued on mid bass.

Demag Tweeter
Demagnetize Tweeter

Demag Midbass
Demagnetize Midbass

After the process was carried out on all four drvers and then I did a hearing test, I used few  album from Fourplay and Mantovani Orchestra
I found positive results that were more or less the same as the demag process I did on other audio devices, namely, stereo image became wider, and a deeper depth and precision when listening to orchestra music. Bass tones that come out of the midbass driver sound more control and not boomy as before and the cimbal sound coming out of the tweeter sounds smoother than the one that previously sounded a little rough or often referred to as grainy.
When listening to orchestra music besides the sound of the violin sounds more dynamic, the impression of being in a wider concert room is also felt.
There was also one thing that I felt but was a little hesitant to say it because I did not have an SPL meter, that was the sensitivity of my speaker slightly up.

Of all the demag processes that I have done,  I feel that the speakers  demagnetizing are giving the most significant results, this fact gives a question in my mind, do I need to make a special DEMAGNITIZER for speakers?

CD Album used to test result of  demag Process

Mantovani Orchestra
Montovani 8


Foutplay 8