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I did this hearing with Ayon, Tubelover and Lowther at my friend Mr.N's house
Mr.N's  system configurqtioan is as follows

CD Transport               : Ayon CD-T
DAC:                           : Ayon Skila
Preamp                        : 26 DHT Preamp
Power Amp                  : RS-241 SE Power Amp
Speaker                      : Lowther
Active Subwoofer        : Pro Ac E A R1
Trial date                    : Saturday  January 12nd 2019

Sys NH

To find out how far  GC8 can improve the sound qualitym we connected  GC8 with Mr. N's system  one by one starting from the CD Transport, DAC,  Preamp, Power Amp and finally on the subwoofer.
After completing GC8 connection to the system, we listened carefully to the improvement provided by GC8 on improving the sound quality in the system.

Connection to CD Transport
The connection on the transport CD is done by XLR cable, which is only connected to the ground (Pin 1), this is because there is no Female RCA terminal available
on the CD Transport
According to Mr. N connections on the CD  Transport provide audible results but not too significant. Feels like the fog that surrounds the sound is lost, micro details are clear in this condition.

Connection to Ayon Skila DAC
According to Mr. This connection in DAC Ayon Skila is the one that provides the most improvement, in various cases, there is improvement starting from details, micro dynamic and bass which are also more punch / tight

Connection to 26 DHT Preamp
According to Mr. N connection in Preamp DHT 26 provides changes in mid and vocal regions. In my opinion the character of the vocal sound displayed by the system becomes smoother as it should be displayed by an SE amplifier with a DHT tube.

Connection to the RS241 power amp
In this connection we feel that there are not many changes that are made so it is rather difficult to comment,

Connection to Active subwofer
We do this connection to the RCA input terminal of the subwoofer.
At this connection we feel the bass sound produced becomes more tight.

26 DHT Preamp

RS241 Tube Power Amp

Full System