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This trial was actually done at the same day when I tried DEMAGNITIZER at my friend  office Mr. CB, you can read the description on the following  link http://www.sap.or.id/Demag_B&W_803_Eng.html
But I want to describe this GC-8 trial in this individual page in order to be more focus

Mr. CB's system is relatively simple and consist only on 4 equipment as follows :

Source                                : MacBook Pro 2010
DAC                                    : Chord Qutest
Integrated Power Amp     : Gryphon Diablo 300
Speaker                             : B&W 803
Date of Trial                     : May 29th 2019

Description about GC-8 connection to Mr. CB's system can be found on the pic bellow

CB Config

We did step by step connection from GC-8 to Mr.CB's system one by one, starting from Chord Qutest DAC, Gryphon Diablo 300, BW 803 and finally to MacBook Pro.
We noiced that, every connection from GC-8 to equipment in Mr. CB's  system always bring certain difference level of sound quality improvement, but the best one achieved by connecting GC-8 to Quitest DAC and MacBook Pro, followed by connecting GC-8 to Gryphon Diablo 300 and B&W803.

Because there are few channel left on GC-8, Mr. CB decided to make 2 connection from Quitest DAC to GC-8, as can be seen on configuration picture above.

Before we connected GC-8 to MacBook Pro I was assuming that this connection would not give any improvement in sound quality, because The MacBook Pro connected to Quitest DAC, via toslink input .terminal
Digital optical connection are very well known of having excelent immunity again any noise and interference. But after connecting done we were so suprised to hear that there were still sound quality improvement  can be achieved by connection GC-8 to MacBook.

I assume that, although optical cable have very good immunity again noise, we must remember that before converted into optical  signal, digital signal are previously in the form of electric signal  that can be attacked  by noise or inteference in many way, one of them  is through digital ground track

GC-8 on Duty

Macbook Pro  
MacBook Pro

MacBook connection  
Connection at MacBook Pro USB port

  Chord Connection
Chord Qutest DAC and its connection to GC-8 Channel

diablo 300
Gryphon Diablo 300

B&W 803

All System