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LFG, Mandailing, Gayo and Robusta

This is the third time a test ride has been heard in Mr. N, after the Power 180 hearing test and the Power15n test, this time I came to Mr. N to test my latest product namely Low Frequency Generator (LFG).

In this review I do not want to discuss how the voice character of Mr. system N because I have done in the previous hearing test, which this time I want to discuss is Mr. coffee dish. N and also the performance of LFG for improving the sound system. N
Because Mr. N is a coffee connoisseur, so every time I come to Mr. N I always get coffee from Mr. N. As I recall three types of coffee served by Mr. N on my arrival, the first is Mandailing coffee, the 2nd Arabica and the 3rd I forget what kind and the fourth time this is a coffee blend which is a mixture between coffee Mandailing, Gayo and Robusta which formulated according to Mr. exclusive formula. N
According to my tongue, coffee blend Mr. N has a taste similar to my favorite coffee Toraja Kalase which has a bitter taste, not too hard, a slightly sour taste but does not trigger nausea in the stomach. Incidentally on the day of this hearing test is carried out a bit cold weather conditions due to heavy rain, so enjoying Mr.Ni's blend of coffee while trying LFG gives me a happiness. Thank's Mr. N your coffee is amazing .. !!!

Special formulated coffe by Mr. N
Mandailing + Gayo + Robusta

In the test with LFG  we tried LFG based on 3 parameters those are:
1. In terms of setting level
2. Position of LFG placement
3. Type of output waveform to get the best improvement.

Setting the level that we first did was at level 80%, according to Mr. N at this level sounds sounded so stuck or if you can borrow the term digital audio format we can say as a compressed voice. Then we try to level down gradually and we find that the optimum level is about 35-45% for Mr. N room size of 4x6 m2, of course this is a new experience for us both.
If applied to a room of the same dimension, but in different places, with different systems and with different music-listening preferences, it may be different levels.


LFG at  Level 35%
Figure  2

In the hearing test based on different positions, there are three positions we try:
1. Position in the left rear corner
2. Middle position
3. Position on the floor
The above three positions are seen from the sweet spot or spot of the main hearing chair

On the left and center of the LFG position is placed at a height of about 1.5m from the floor. In the middle position of the LFG is placed facing the area between the speakers and the sweet spot.
Overall, no position where LFG does not produce good results, in any position the LFG always gives an increase in the voice quallity. What is different is the level of quality improvement, certain positions provide more improvement and other positions provide less improvement. We found that placing the LFG in the middle position facing the area between the speakers and the sweet spot is the position that produces the best improvement.

In the picture below, LFG is next to the senior product that inspired me to create LFG RR-777 from Acoustic Revive.

LFG in left back room , right side is RR-777
Figure 3

The thing that also makes me happy is that I find that although LFG is placed on the floor, LFG can still provide improvement, because generally others LFG like products are always recommended to put in position about 1.5 from the floor, this proves that the iron core choke antenna used in LFG is able to make LFG emission waves become more powerful and efficient.

LFG tetap memberikan kontribusi positif walaupun ditaruh di lantai
Gambar 4

After we have tried LFG based on placement, then we also test LFG based on output wave type. In this trial I see that Mr. N is excited about changing the output waveform , I think for Mr.N LFG is a fun new toy for him because it can test in various positions and variations of wave type.
In this trial we only play the CD and do not rotate the Turntable, and we assume that it may take different level settings and wave types to use turntables, maybe even for songs with different recording and music characters will also need different settings , for a true Audiophille of course this is a pleasant condition. Especially if in the future I find a new wave of different types, then LFG will be a more interesting toy for a true Audiophille.

The most tested hearing test parameters we tried were to try 5 wave types supplied by LFG. If at any time you have an LFG you may have a different positive rating, so LFG can make the world of audio to be as beautiful as a rainbow filled with different colors.
Briefly below are our subjective conclusions regarding the performance provided by the LFG.

Mode 1, Schuman 7.83Hz
This mode is the mode that Mr. N makes the most natural sound system, clean, stereo image and depht become wider to left right and back

Mode 2, Sinus 7.83Hz
We are of the opinion that in this mode the vocal sound becomes subtle, so it may be a tap for a rough recording or for those of you who sound smooth / mellow vocals

Mode 3, Square 7.83Hz
According to Mr. N This mode produces sounds similar to mode 1 but the sound character of the improvement with this mode sounds a bit dirty.

Mode 4, Sinus 10Hz
We argue that in this mode the resulting sound seems rather fast, so we assume that this mode is suitable for those who like to listen to classical music with many dynamics

Mode 5, Sinus 5Hz
In this mode we find that the sound seems a bit slow or it can be said to produce the opposite effect with Mode 4

Overall I see that Mr. N most likes Mode 1 is Schuman 7.83Hz

Mr. N's Syste, are as follows:
CD Player: Ayon CD-T
DAC        : Ayon Skylla
Preamp    : Tubelover 26
Poweramp: Tubelover RS241
Speaker: Lowther
Date: July 16, 2016 around 14:00 to 18:00 o'clock


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