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Low Frequency Generator (LFG) is an equipment to produce Earth Magnetic Resonance  or commonly known as Schumann Resonance which has 7.83Hz  as fundamental frequency with some unique harmonics.  Besides Schumann resonance LFG can also produce some others low frequency waves.
Schumann Resonance is basically electromagnetic wave that appear arround us, As indicates by its name, Schumann Resonance was invented by Dr. W.O. Schumann in 1952.  On the next year invention by other scientist, it was also found that human brain produce magnetic wave with same frequency as Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz.

Working Principle
LFG can produces five different low frequcncy wave
1. Schumann 7.83Hz
2. Sine wave  7.83Hz
3. Square wave 7.83Hz
4. Sine wave 10Hz
5. Sine wave 5Hz
Method of wave generation applied by LFG is  Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), this method  are commonly used in CD/DVD player.
PCM is basically Digital Signal Processing, with PCM method LFG can produce any unique or complex waveform that can not be produced by analog based oscilator such as 555 timer, XR-2206 etc
As the trasmiting  element LFG uses specially winding choke works as antena to ensure stronger and wider transmiting area.
To ensure long term stability LFG uses  ultra low drift crystal based resonator instead of  high drift RC oscilatar that used by 555 or XR-2206,
During LFG adjustment, user doesn't have to  move to  and return back from sweet spot to LPG placement, because LFG also equiped with remote control.

An inspiration  from RR-777
 I was inspired by    RR-777  from Acoustic Revive,   to  developed LFG.  From  2003-2010  when I was working for a high end audio importer and distributor company,  I had opportunity  to test RR-777.  I also sold some RR-777 to  high end home audio user and  car audio installer.
Currently Acoustic Revive don't produce RR-777 anymore, as the improved replacement they produce RR-888 which claimed has better perfomance compare to RR-777
And then my exprience with RR-777  give me the inspiration and motivation to design an equipment which can produces Schumann Resonance which later I named it as Low Frequency Generator (LFG)
My very first research onf LFG was done at 2013, the next figure  is the LFg prototype which I build on 2013.


In all of my design I always do strong effort to put different style that are not available on other products. This time in LFG I provided 9 different feautures.
Nine features of LFG
1. LFG can produces Schumann Resonance with high accuracy.  Schumann Resonance is not a simple wave that consist of  one fundamental wave only, but Schmann
    Resonance built by one fundamental 7.83Hz frequency and followed by at least for harmonic frequency.
    As can be seen on the picture bellow besides 7.83Hz as fundamental frequency there are also 4 harmonic frequencies, in this case 14.1Hz, 20.3Hz, 26.4Hz,
    32.4Hz.  The 50Hz frequency didn't  add  into Schumann Resonance because it was  line electrical frequency from railway station. Dr.  Schumann did the
    measurement on Siborling mountain, not far from this mountain there are a railway station so no wonder there were a lot of 50Hz magnetic wave appear.


Picture 3
Schumann Resonance Harmonic Pattern
From Wikipedia

    Generally, any equipment which produces Schumann Resonance consider only 7.83Hz as the only one frequency, and produce this 7.83Hz frequency in the form
    of sine or square wave.  This thinking method can not produce real Schmann Resonance, because Schumann Resonance is not consist of simple or one only
    fundamental waveform.
    If harmonic pattern as described on Picture 3 above being constructed into real waveform supported by Trigonometric and Fourier Transform,  the resulting         waveform will be like  the one in Figure 4 bellow

Figure 4
Bentuk EMW setelah dikonstruksi
    Unlike many products which produces Schumann Resonance,  LFG generated Schumann Resonance with PCM (Pulse Code Modulation). PCM commonly used in CD,
    DVD or Blueray Play, in such products wave/sound information puts in Disc in the form of digital information, then the player read and reproduce it.
    In LFG waveform information puts in solid state memory, directly read by the processor to produce the required digital wave form.
    Before the digital waveform sends to choke antena,  this digital waveform first converted into analoque signal by Analoque Digital Converter inside the LFG
2. Besides Schumann Resonance, LFG can also produce others low frequency waveform. Totally there are 5 waveform patterns that can be produced by LFG
                1. Schuman Resonance 7.83Hz
LFG Fig5
Figure 5
 Schumann 7.83Hz Display

                2. Sinus Wave  7.83Hz
LFG Fig 6
Figure  6
Sine 7.83Hz Display


              3. Square wave 7.83Hz
LFg Fig5
Figure 7
Square 7.83Hz Display

                  4. Sine Wave 10Hz
LFG Fig8
Figure 8
Sine 10Hz  Display

                     5. Sine wave 5Hz
LFG Fig9
Figure 9
Sine 5Hz  Display

3. LFG apply specially wind choke as antena, with  this choke antena wave radiatian can reach up 100@msq area. And eventhough LFG puts right on the floor, you still can notice the effect. Unlike the other Schumann Resonance products which can only works properly when put about 1-2m above floor.

LFg Fig10
Figure 10
Choke Antena

4.  Adjustable output level. User can adjust output level

5. LFG apply crystal based resonator with very high stability in level and  output frequency.
    I made LFG  prototype someday in April 2013, until now (Jul 2016) it  still produce exactly same frequency as I first measured it.

6.  Remote Control, you can adjust the level or waveform mode, by sitting on sweet spot, without move to and return from LFG placement

LFG Fig11
Figure  11
LFG w/ Remote Control

7.  LFG can be supplied from line voltage or DC 14-20V for car audio application

8. LFG  backlight display only turns on  up to 40 second from last touch, after that, the  LCD Backlight will turn off, and turn back on after next touch.

9. Honestly I was inspired by RR-777 from Acoustic Revived to developed LFG, but the technical implementation is 100% belong to me, I didn't copy from any

How to use

You can put LFG nearby your audio equipment, but don't put it very closed to your audio equipment.
Even though you put LFG right on the floor, it will still affect system perfomance,
To my experience the best place to put LFG is facing the area between sweetspot or listening spot and loudspeaker radiation area,
The maximum coverage of LFG is about 100@m as I found so far,
The most favourite waveform as  buyer told me is No1  Schumann 7.83Hz, but you may have different opinion.

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  RR-888 from  Acoustic Revive

Listening Test
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