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This is  my second coming to my friend Mr. AN,  My first coming was done 14 years ago, on September 9th, 2005, when  I  conducted  trial of  my  first generation Power15 Turntable power supply on his Linn Valhalla and Basis  TT.
Description of my first coming to Mr. AN's house can be seen in this URL  http://www.sap.or.id/Basis_Valhalla.html

This time I come to Mr. AN'house to test my Power15n Turmtable motor supply to his Simon Yorke S7 Turntable

Mr, AN's system  configuration are as follows :

Analog Source                                :  Simon Yorke S7 with Lyra Atlas  MC Catridge
Preamplifier                                   :  Mc Intosh C1000
Power Amplifier                             :  Mc Intosh 1.25kW
Speaker                                          :  Avalon  Isis
Date of Trial                                  :  22 Juni 2019, sekitar jam 15.00-19.00

AN Power15n
Power 15n

AN Studio 7
Simon Yorke S7  with Lyra Atlas MC Catridge


The reason why Mr. AN invited me to demonstrate my Power 15n  turntable motor supply  is because his Simon Yorke S7 has problem with its speed stability and accuracy. Simon Yorke S7 uses AC motor which speed accuracy is totally depend on AC supply feeded into it.  As I ever investigated  in Indonesia, electric supply frequency constantly swing from around 49.5Hz  up to 50.5 Hz, so no wonder  any TT with AC motor can not turn precisely when connected direcly to wall electric supply.
Power 15n can produce very low distortion and accurate frequency electric supply for TT with AC motor, to ensure TT can turn smootly at very precise speed accuracy.

Mr. AN is a fan of  heavy metal  music, so in this trial most of the vinyl used was from the heavy metal genre, unfortunately I didn't have the chance to photograph the cover of the vinyl.
The thing that  I got from this trial, that  also opened my horizons in enjoying music is that testing high end audio equipment can   also be done with heavy metal music.
Usually  when I come to my client's houses, they always play jazz music from audiophille grade recording to test my product that I present.  But this time I get a very different experience, testing high end audio equipment using heavy metal music.  This experience make me realize that to play heavy metal music with high quality level of performance  require proper skill like playing clasicall or jazz music.

To my personal listening taste  all the metal music used by Mr. AN was played at very fast tempo/timing featuring many shifting in note. What made me rather headache was that Mr. AN turn the volume up to around  100dB  SPL.
According to Mr. AN he used this kind of music in order to push audio system's capability until its maximum limit.

As usual at first step of trial we ran Simon Yorke S7 TT feeded  by electricity direct from wall, we listen and remember all the sound character  produce by audio system carefully.  After that  we listened back all the same song with same level to compare the result after using Power 15n.
Acording to Mr. AN, after connect Power15n to S7 TT,  sound depth become deeper and stereo image become wider and stable. He also noticed that vocal sound did not mix around and sink down into music instrument sound, but vocal sound precisely separate from music instrument sound.

During this trial I also got the opportunity to Demag one of my favourite album during my junior high school time, namely Thriller of Michael Jackson

Thriller Michael  Jackson

Demag  Thriller Michael Jackson's Album


Mc Intosh C1000 Preamp

McIntosh MC1.25kW Power Amp


Avalon Isis

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