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Power 250 is an improved version of Power 180 that has been produced since April 2013, both have the same casing size and also equally provide 4 output outlets, but Power 250 has several advantages, in terms of greater output power, output voltage stability and some security features such as heatzink heat sensors, Sensor Matching, and Shut Down.

Power 250 also has an accuracy of output voltage of +/- 0.5 VAC, because the amplifier circuit in Power 250 has improved quality with changes in circuit topology and the use of more precise components. The impact of circuit topology changes also affect the output impedance and noise from the lower Power250. Lower output impedances mean more powerful bass tones, while lower noise means more precise detail, separation and sound dept.
By reading the following table you will easily understand the advantages of Power 250 compared to Power 180 .
Feature Power 180
Power 250
Output Power
180 watt
250 watt
Output Stability
+/-  2VAC
+/- 0.5 VAC
Safety Fuse
Overload Sensor
Heatzink Temp. Sensor
Load Matching Sensor
DC Output Offset Sensor
System Shut Down

Some of the existing security facilities on Power250 are as follows:
1. Heatzink temperature sensor
    This sensor detects temperature changes that occur in heatzinks, and when the temperature of heatzink exceeds the maximum allowed
    about 55-60 degrees, then this sensor sends a signal to System Shut Down to turn off Power 250.
2. Overload Sensor
    When Power250 outputed more than 250 watts,  the Overload Sensor will send a signal to System Shut Down to turn off Power250
3. Load Matching Sensor
    If Power 250 is connected to a load that can not work with Power 250 thereby resulting in oscillation on Power250, then
    Sensor Matching will send a signal to System Shut Down to turn off Power 250 so as not to damage.
4. DC Offset Offset Sensor
    This sensor is very similar to Speaker protector which is generally used in power amp,  it detect any DC output occur at the output of internal amp circuits
5. System Shut Down is in charge of disabling Power250 after receiving signals from all four sensors above. It aims to have Power250 not experience
    damage if a problem occurs.

Rear Power250  
Rear View

Side Power250
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