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Recovery No 2


Recovery No. 2 is an electromagnetic wave transmitter that emits electro-magnetic waves with specific spectrum frequencies to restore the calf muscles, thighs and waist muscles.

Based on the tests I have done Recovery No 2 is very good for seniors who have problems in the leg muscles, for those who often drive the vehicle in a long time, for those who stand or sit too long at work and for those of you who use many of your feet and legs during working time.

The source of inspiration that drive me to develope Recovery No 2 came  from my mother. My mother is already 75 years old now, as an elderly person, many health problems  could happen.
One of the health problems faced by my mother is the emergence of pain in the calf and thigh area that is very disturbing at the time of wake up in morning  or wake up at night when going to the bathroom. At the time of waking my mother always experienced pain in the calf and thigh area, so it takes a few minutes to stand up and adapt until the pain disappears and only then can walk normally.
This situation makes me think to do research and finally  produce Recovery No 2.

I noted that my mother started using Recovery No. 2 on April 6, 2018. After about 5 days using Recovery No 2 finally my mother began to feel the reduction of pain in calves and thighs when just got up. Until now my mother still use Recovery No 2 every night to maintain muscle fitness legs.

Up Dated Sept 29th 2018
These following three drugs Omeprazole, Natrium Didofenak and Mefenamic Acid are drugs my  Mom  took when her  legs pain appear. Last time this 3 drugs were taken on April 2018. Until now Sept 2018 or after 5 months   my mom never took this three drug after using  Recovery No 2.

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Omeprazole, Natrium Didofenak and Mefnamic Acid